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mmk, this is my blog

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Very unforunate turn of events
  mfcmurray, May 09 2007

Ok, so some things in my life are changing, the shyt needs to end, recently I have recieved multiple life bad beats, the aftermath of these beats has resulted to me needing to cash almost my entire bankroll. O well, I'll be back niggas, holla still.


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Quick update
  mfcmurray, May 03 2007

OOOOOK, so i moved my $1500 roll to FTP thn started grinding out the nl50dmy pahud doest work there but o well, my roll is now at $2300 and ima move up at like 3.2k or so, holler at your boy.

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wierd ass day
  mfcmurray, Apr 25 2007

Ok so I'm well rolled for nl25 at $900, which i played for a while , and was up 5 buy ins, buts its so fucking wierd, every time I get to 1500 hands, i get coolered like a bitch or ppl get mad lucky on me. Then at the very end i took this beat from a douche. This guy was a nit, but he acts pretty quicky with his good hands, he timebanked for a while then raised, i knew i had him but thats poker i guess.

So this had me on life tilt for like 15 minutes until i said, "suck it up you fucking pussy" while laying in bed. So i couldnt get to sleep and decided to hop on stars and play a lil sesh, played nl10, which is like the easiest game ever, lol. won 8 bis as u can see, so up a bit on the day. Now I am tired and i sleep, btw I'm moving up to nl50 at 1200 and back down at 1k if that happens to be the way the cookie crumbles.



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